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- Directed by Jarrod R.F. Hachey -

A neighbor finds a suicidal friend, hurt but still alive. He moves him from the ground to a sofa and sits near him, listening to the troubles and aches that pushed him to try and kill himself. He asks no questions, but lets the wounded man tell his story.

This film's dark and gloomy atmosphere underlines the main character’s torment in an expressionistic manner. Long close-ups of the dying man look like paintings showing different stages of suffering.  The other character is patient and distant, putting to question the suicidal intentions of his fellow. Memories, complaints, stories are mumbled by the suffering man, as he slowly drifts away and releases his pain and pressure. His friend finally decides to seek help, but is too late, the man has passed away.

The film is based on  “A Story Without an End”, by Anton Chekhov and is a period drama that focuses on the anxieties of a suicidal man, that fails to explain his reasons before his death. The film can be considered a contemplation on the absurdity of human existence – the man did not manage to kill himself, but does not want to live, he gradually finds a little relief talking to the man near him, but he dies before getting medical help.

The sound design is simple, there is one piece where “Sic transit gloria mundi”, which was used during the ritual of papal coronation ceremonies and symbolized the transitory nature of life, is played while we watch the tortured face of the dying man.

We know that playing such a traumatic experience is hard and unfortunate;y the acting is unconvincing and there are pauses that make the film unfold in a very slow rhythm, so the viewer can lose focus throughout the cinematic experience.

All things concluded, this film tackles a very important theme and the director boldly selected a difficult piece of literature as inspiration, trying to portray the Chekhovian universe in a short film.

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