Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest is monthly film competition focusing on international independent cinema. Our aim is to support new filmmakers and to promote the research and development of new means of expressivity through cinematography as art among diverse audiences.


BSCF is located in the Eastern Heart of Europe, Bucharest being one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world.


The film competition runs on a monthly basis. The entry deadline for our next selection will be May 31th and the winners will be announced after the July 2017 Official Screenings. 

There are 17 categories and Best Picture will receive the Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest Trophy, a Film Review from our specialits, Special Screening and Official posting on the main page of our online platform. 

Only films selected in the Competition will be showcased in the BscFest Official Screenings. 

All winners will receive online certificate awards and laurels will be offered to all participants who made it to the Official Selection.  


BSCF will be an outstanding event, where the audience can see new films, participate in workshops and meet filmmakers.


We guarantee that a jury of film professionals will view all submitted films. We encourage filmmakers who created their films with a low budget to enter their film to BSCF. The judgement criteria of the submitted films are new ideas, experimental cinematography, talented work of actors and an independent point of view. 





Upon your request our specialists can provide you with a Film Review that will be officialy listed on our platform and made public through all our social media channels. To apply for film review, just send us an email with your enquiry and we will provide you with the Review Form or apply on our FilmFreeway/Festhome listings.