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- Directed by Andre Siqueira -

A simple story of a man and a woman that get the chance to meet in a bookstore, gradually becomes a real confession with some powerful meanings. The film is a thought-provoking story of two characters who just met and  they don’t have anything in common beside their failed relationships and a stronger need of someone who will listen to their problems.

The action of this short film is mainly structured on the dialogue. Having a poetic script, which is very intelligent written, it provokes the viewer to be engaged with the narrative, the problems of both the woman – who has an unhappy marriage - and the man - the owner of the old book store. Their stories are told in a manner in which the viewer becomes an observer, a third person, leaving the impression that they are some characters from a novel, because the dialogue is so philosophical and gives the actors the opportunity to develop their characters. They’re full of untold stories and repressed feelings and the film reveals a sensitive side of them. Somehow, while talking about their endless search for the loved one, they start feeling attracted to one another.

The story arouses curiosity in a melodramatic way and doesn’t require a complex set, so the viewers will concentrate only on the brilliant performance of the characters. However, the minimalist and dusty bookstore, together with the soft piano music, contribute to the atmosphere full of sadness and loneliness. The lighting in this film is used to enhance the sense of coziness and understanding, generating a surreal feeling, while the camera draws attention to the character’s emotions.

In the end, the film reveals a well-crafted love story and a truly great piece of filmmaking. But, at the same time, it’s clearly that it’s not a film made for everyone and you may need some kind of experience or maturity in order to reach the whole meaning of this short story.

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