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- Directed by Panos Katsimperis -

Panos Katsimperis’s short film “Skin” follows the journey of a young girl called Elleni, who, at just 11 years old, has to face a rough transformation within her life. Her body starts to suffer changes, as she was infected with a rare disease, that would gradually turn her human body into a robotic one. This premise is quite interesting and it really aroused our curiosity, as it seemed to be an original and ambitious project for a film of this length.

The transformation may sound like a cool change for a little girl, like we’re used to see in animations and children TV shows, but in reality it is dramatic, and Elleni has to endure a lot after this. Her body bleeds, scars and open wounds start to appear all over, and the pain seems to be too much for such a young child. At school, she is bullied because she is different and no one wants to play with her anymore, for the children think she will destroy them with her “laser eyes” if they get on her nerves. Only her parents try to accept their daughter’s medical condition and assure her that everything will be alright. But she is still young, she needs more than her parents' attention, and one night she runs away thinking that no one will ever understand her. That’s how she finally finds a friend that understands her and maybe suffers from the same illness.

The script gives to the characters the opportunity to do an exceptional performance, especially when it comes to the scenes where the girl discovers her new powers that are terribly fascinating to watch. The editor also has an important role in maintaining the tension frame by frame, as more and more details are gradually integrated. Having a compelling visual approach, every metaphor is perfectly placed throughout the narration, like the rotten apple that becomes the leitmotif of the movie. Being carefully picked and always providing an extra feeling of tension, the soundtrack meticulously contributes to the main atmosphere of each scene.

The way of combining these elements is very particular and this film speaks for itself. Therefore, if you are interested in another kind of a journey through the depths of life, together with a young girl and her thoughts, this short film will definitely be one of your favorites.

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