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- Directed by Lucas Leônidas -

This short film unfolds with the story of two lovers who don’t feel the same love for each other anymore, but who are willing to review how the relationship affected or made them grow as individuals. They now have to deal with their own physical spaces and objects who are portrayed and put in a very interesting perspective, each of them in a different light. Whether it’s an object or a symbolic metaphor for the carnal wishes, we get to see an unusual relationship that is followed by some bizarre consequences, thanks to the experimental approach.

The cinematography is on-point, from diverse angles to DOP light choice and colorization. Another remarkable aspect of the film is how carefully the environment is arranged. None of the objects in the room feel out of place - everything has its carefully considered role and the great attention to details and the variety of filming techniques are key elements in developing the story.

Besides that, there are a lot of interesting visual effects that add a plus of value for the film in terms of storytelling. Having an unique approach of lightning towards image, the luminous neon signs give the indoors a special appearance, alternating the red color with the blue one, for combining different atmospheres in a single movie. From cold fearful scenes to the warm but not so friendly ones, each scene gives you chills and makes you encounter another universe within the story. The whole movie has this serene imagery and we really appreciate the appealing style that keeps the audience mesmerized and thrilled till the very last frame.

We must admit that we were quite amazed after seeing this short film and we re-watched it several times in order to understand the skillful piece of filmmaking till its last detail. We haven’t seen something this good in a long time and we are glad to have the short in our selection - it is a must see!

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