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- Directed by Clauda A. Gonzalez -

Clauda A. Gonzalez’s ’’Bad Baby’’ music video is a black and white cinematography-wise piece that keeps you attentive till the very last frame, due to its mesmerizing style. The artistic work is meticulous, the artist plays with high and low key lighting, with double exposure, with deep contrast, with long shadows, with dynamic details, with old-school visual effects and poignant music.

The visual style of the film reminds the savvy viewer about the film noir, having an intimate yet mysterious approach towards the single subject of this music video, a beautiful woman. The project excels both technically and artistically: the cinematography and direction are very much on point, and their main merit is the creation of an eerie, unnerving atmosphere.

Playing with diverse techniques, close-ups and images shot from different angles, it creates an original and engaging film, as some turning points perfectly capture the feelings of the protagonist. The close shots help the audience get even closer to the inner world of the character. The black and white image not only gives an enigmatic glimpse to the shot film, but it also sets a serious approach, conveying that the subject we’re talking about is a sober one. We sympathize with the director’s choice of having just a female protagonist and nothing else, because this testifies the creator’s capacity of doing such an effectively music video just around a single center of attention and nothing more. This music video is very appealing and reaches to be quite meaningful in its simplicity.

We appreciate the creative effort put into this piece of marvelous music video and the expressiveness of it. Also the length of this short film that is just perfect and we think this music video is well worth seeing. All things considered, this makes an interesting genre piece that stands out.

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