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- Directed by Fabrice Bracq -

“A Whole World for a Little World” is an emotional story of a life, conceived as a farewell monologue of a mother to her daughter. Confronting her fatal diagnostic, the female character tells to her baby the history of her happy marriage, using a series of fantastic elements to codify a lifetime experience. Designed as a mixture of extreme emotional changes of perspective, the French director Fabrice Bracq creates, thus, a nowadays fairy-tale about the human relationships and about the nature of strong feelings that define our destiny. The whole world is perceived through the mother’s words and through the child’s eyes as a kingdom full of miracles, providential meetings, but also haunted by dragon shadows which menace the comfort of the princes and princesses, in order to empower their connections.

Influenced by one of the latest French cinema aesthetics directions which adopt an allegorical manner to represent the characters’ destiny, Fabrice Bracq’s short-film has some similarities to Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s “Amélie” or to Jaco van Dormael’s “The Brand New Testament”. Fabrice Bracq designs his cinema work as a counterpointing text-image mixture, by which the scenario’s pathos is potentiated or alleviated by the visual skeleton; one of the most powerful scenes is the mother’s projection in a potential future, where she sees herself next to her grown-up daughter. Also, the director’s choice to sustain the textual narrative structure with the musical epic vision of Grégory Libessart during the whole action leads to a great and extremely suggestive cinema experience oscillating between comedy and drama, between cruel realism and colourful fantasy.

Very sensitive and compassionate, “A Whole World for a Little World” is a beautiful sad story that defines, in fact, the fragility of life, the imperfections our biological statutes turning our existence into a beautiful journey through the land of dragons which, despite their fierceness, will teach us how to accept our condition and how to truly enjoy it.

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