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- Directed by Tristan Heanue -

The coming of a new member in the family has always been a bundle of joy but, at the same time, it can also be something that can scare young couples. No one is prepared for the sudden responsibility of becoming a parent. At a certain moment, everybody starts thinking about how they acted before the baby and they become nostalgic for the old times that they fear to name ’the good old times’, because no one wants to believe that the baby or ‘a baby’ in general is a bad thing.

In this particular film, the director draws the viewers' attention on both male and female side of the relationship while having to deal with the coming of a newborn in the family. The opening sequence captures the atmosphere which is filled with lots of frustration, sleepless nights, divided tasks and many others, a routine that certainly has gone over the edge for both partners. Throughout the film, the plot arouses curiosity, being full of tension – mostly from her perspective, reaching to build up the events to an unexpected climax.

The actors have done an exceptional performance, giving the characters much personality when it comes to frustration and possibly mental health problems, being very convincing and appealing. The pace of the film is accelerated with the help of the parallel editing. The man is still not that good at parenthood, but his job keeps him busy, while she is struggling, not taking care of herself and being angry for a couple of months or so. The soft music is used to enhance the atmosphere full of depression and is in perfect antithesis with the child’s desperate crying.

The film depicts an honest chapter from the experience of two young parents and we really appreciate the honest and very emotional perspective of it. Being a skillful and moving piece of filmmaking, we would strongly recommend it to any film lover.

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