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- Directed by Marco Checa Garcia -

’’The superior power of population cannot be checked without Misery or Vice’’ Thomas Walthus - starting from this quote and based on the classic sci-fi Kurt Vonnegut's story with the same name, the story unfolds in a futuristic look alike hospital, in near-future society, where everything seems to be controlled by programmed devices and very well organized. People are having almost mathematical actions and everyone has to mind their own business, not to disturb the others. A man soon to become a father stays in the waiting room in order to hear news about his children to be born.

With an intelligent written title, the main plot focuses on the idea that the population is controlled by carefully balancing the number of deaths and births through the Federal Bureau of Termination. In this case, for example, the suicides, serviced by a helpful hotline, are encouraged to make sure there is always enough room for newborns. He wants his children to be given a chance at life, but soon enough we learn that he has to face a massive sacrifice in the name of his unborn child.

The opening sequence conveys the setting, slightly portraying the characters. The lighting in this film is used to enhance the sense of brightness, rightness and purity, but what it is going to happen proves exactly the contrary – but it helps in building the atmosphere. The well placed shots make the audience experience the emotional perspective of the main character, the soon to be a father, and, sometimes, reaches to describe the characters indirectly.

The whole film is accompanied by melancholic music (an Ave Maria track) and some of the scenes are enhanced by it. Even if the action on the screen appears to be fast and dramatic, the contrast between image and music blends perfectly with the mood and, in the end, the disc brakes at the perfect timing, so the silence can add to the atmosphere full of suspense and anticipation, providing an extra feeling of tension.

Marco Checa Garcia’s short film is a thought-provoking story that illustrates a fascinating situation that is well crafted and structured, being an appreciated adaptation of the original story. It stands out as a proper short story with a meaningful end and that’s an important aspect for a film with a twisted and futuristic plot like this one.

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