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- Directed by Leonidas Stănescu -

In a world full of filmmakers who aspire to make complex and sophisticated movies, Leonidas Stanescu’s short film tries to stand out from the crowd and, in a brazen manner, he presents himself and his work as it is, without any claims. With a raw look and a lot of imperfections, but with a great effort from it’s creator, the short film looks like it was designed to be made in the style of a mockumentary.

First, the plot seems to be very hard to understand and, at the same time, to follow, because of the various plot lines, when, in the end, we realize it addresses a very simple story that it’s complicated because of all the other props, special effects and mostly CGI images. The characters were kind of odd and were played by the same actor who also happens to be the director and to impersonate the whole crew at some point. The main story may not be so hard to understand at some point, but all the special effects and CGI tend to make the spectator feel a little dizzy. At some point, the effects are abundant for the viewer and the improvisation level it’s way too much. The viewer is mislead to think that the director wanted to mock his art in an ironic or funny way or that he’s not taking his project serious enough mostly because of the kitsch resulted from the various techniques that were used in the process of making this short film such as green screen in some of the scenes. The movie utilize an old style editing and cheap looking effects, but the hard work of the director can not remain unseen. His dedication has to be praised and appreciated because it’s not easy for a filmmaker to do the work of a whole crew and certainly requires a lot of time.

The short film tries by all means too be funny and the director manages to get this reaction at least at the beginning, because till the end it is hard to follow. To simply watch the full film is quite tough, because of the manner it has been crafted, and also because of its length. Besides that, the story itself is not addressed to the general public, but only for a certain type of audience. All in all, we salute the effort put in the making of this film and we hope that it will reach the targeted audience.

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