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- Directed by Agnieszka Piotrowska -

One troubled woman waits nervously for her partner in a beautiful African house. As he arrives home in the morning, she expresses her anger and fear regarding their relationship. An emotional dialogue starts between the two. The woman is aggressive and the man is reluctant to her questioning. She insists with threats of leaving, expressing her heartache, but also the intense love she still feels. If rude at first, putting their bond on account on sex, the man later becomes involved.

The story is something the viewer is already used to: a relationship that started as an adultery ends in adultery. An aching lover acts out. The director states that this film shines a light on different life aspects of Zimbabwe, not putting emphasis on poverty and disease, however, this does not change the banality of this situation.

The acting is mostly good, but the cinematography does not always help, as sometimes the close-ups are too long and the actors loose their focus.  The camera revolves around the main character, trying to grasp as much affectivity as possible. The local music is like an interlude between the intense exchange of harsh words between the two separating lovers.

The woman intends to end the relationship, but she waits for some final proof of love.  Her display of emotions, but also her manipulative intentions make a complex character. In the end, she only wants to get in a dramatic way to the moment of revealing a promiscuous photo of her lover, in order to kick him out on account of it.

We certainly appreciate the director’s interest in discovering stories of African ladies and in making films that are inspirational to them. The film approaches a universal theme that can be relatable to people around the world while it also shows a character coming from a medium  where discrimination is still an aching matter that affects many women.

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