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- Directed by Clemy Clarke -

The Suit is a satire about the sharp competition between actors of the Hollywood movie scene.

Part of a web series about actors experiencing casting calls, this short manages to make a point about the struggles of young artists looking for confirmation through an absurd, but an ingenious story: the actors get to experience the real life situations they were enacting.

The film starts with an actress trying her best at a casting call where she has to play the role of an astronaut that just arrived on a new planet. Not only is she visibly uncomfortable, but she also gets interrupted by a competitor who previously tried to obtain the role. After throwing a tantrum in front of the director, the intruder attacks the casting actress, while the director is preoccupied not to ruin the spacesuit. The two unexpectedly teleport to the setting from the script: they find themselves on an arid planet. Here they have to further follow the lines and after some adventure, they loose the hard feelings.

This story is a witty parable about actors getting trapped in the fantasy of the director and of the industry and how they must fight to free themselves from the requirements of the collective imagination. Because so much of movie acting is about conforming to the desires of a creative team, a lot of actors struggle to find a balance between expectations and reality. 

When it comes to showing ‘the film within the film’, the editing and sound techniques follow the conventional Hollywood picture style (low-level close shots of the main characters in tense moments, homophonic music, balanced shot length). When the actresses fight, there is no music and no beautifying filters and the dialogue unfolds on a sterile background, that is when the dream ends and reality starts, a reality filled with anguish.

In the dreamy land of the sci-fi movie set, the two lost actresses continue to fight for the role, but they gradually give up as the conditions harden. In the end, they reach again Hollywood, a suggestion that the story doesn’t end there, but starts all over again.

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