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- Directed by Gina Wenzel -

This short film depicts the struggle of a young man to accept his diagnosis with multiple sclerosis.

Marc has recently moved in with his girlfriend Sophie. He paints houses as a daily job and sometimes takes DJ gigs at parties. But one morning, he starts having some strange symptoms. He soon finds out that he suffers from an incurable disease which might even affect his mobility later in life. Confused, he acts strangely towards his girlfriend and makes her wonder about his intentions. 

The insightful narrative portrays a realistic and heart-warming portray of a couple, as the background for the interior conflict of the protagonist.

The character-centered storyline flows naturally and the acting stamina is balanced throughout the film. Marc is a well-rounded protagonist and his credibility lies in the details of his universe, as we get to see him relating to his lover, his mother, his workmate, even his ex-girlfriend. We get to know how he acts at a party or in the moments of tenderness with his partner. All these life pieces make the audience feel like catching a glimpse of someone’s intimacy and build a closeness between a viewer and the character. His evolution is particularly relatable and remarkably suitable for his presented personality: he is a young man that has not yet grown up and acts accordingly. Initially, he handles the emotional news with irresponsibility, simply trying to forget it, but gradually he has to come to terms with his condition and share this experience with his loved ones. After some turmoil and some mistakes, he gets the courage to show vulnerability to his girlfriend.

The visual style is non-intrusive and the creative team avoided eye-catching effects and camera movements. The shots are long and the panning movements are used to vitalize the sequences, while hand-held shots depict moments of couple intimacy. The films unfold dynamically on a soundtrack consisting only of diegetic music and sounds. The many close-ups keep us tuned to the changing feelings of the characters.

All things considered, we think of “The sky is blue everywhere” to be a noteworthy piece of cinema, a heartfelt story envisioned with authenticity, sensitivity and attention to detail.

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