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- Directed by Wade Koch -

This short experimental film illustrates the struggles of a writer to find inspiration and keep it alive.

The black and white and dialog-free short is a heartfelt cinematic journey into the inner world of a lonely artist. The visual style of the film reminds the savvy viewer about the poetical cinema of Maya Deren.

The surrealistic story portrays a female writer doing her daily work. While writing, a hole appears on the wall next to her only trophy for writing. The whole gets bigger and more demanding and the writer starts treating it as a visitor, offering food and entertainment. But the hole gets noisier and noisier and the protagonist gets sucked into it. Inside, she stops writing and starts living befriending her childhood self. Back at her desk, the writer is highly inspired and works incessantly, while the child gets upset and leaves.

This fantasy story is a visual metaphor of the writer’s state. Even if our character lives in solitude, she praises public confirmation as he puts her only prize on a pedestal. While working she is interrupted by the sudden presence of a growing hole in the wall. This animated whole that needs attention is a symbol of the writer’s block and the superficial efforts put into ending it, whose cause is lack of life experience. The living is sacrificed for writing, but the writing can not continue without living. Sucked in the hole, she finds her inspiration, her childhood version, who is happy and free. The 8 mm film shots, with their specific grain, blur, film light leaks and camera shake build an idyllic atmosphere as if the grown woman entered her childhood memories, stocked as artistic pictures somewhere in the memory of the world. Revived, the writer immerses herself back into the heavy work, losing again inspiration and herself.

Every shot of this short is carefully composed, looking iconic like an early Godard film. The artistic work is meticulous, the artist plays with high and low key lighting, with double exposure, with deep contrast, with long shadows, with dynamic details, with old-school visual effects and poignant music.

“The Muse Will Find You Working” is the work of a multi-talented artist who wrote, directed, filmed and edited this short film, experimenting with all the means of audiovisual language.

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