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- Directed by Sahba Keihani -

This short mystery film depicts two lost scientists on their way to another dimension.

Eight and Liam are two scientists that find themselves trapped in a gray square space with no exit, an intermediary station between dimensions - Mythah. It seems like the code they worked on for ten years was not entirely correct. As Liam loses his grip, fearing he won’t see his son ever again, another visitor shows up – Mike. Soon they realize that they come from different times and that Mike arrived there after suffering a fatal accident.

A thing to appreciate at “Station Mythah” is the way it manages to build a suspenseful atmosphere and a sci-fi story with three characters confided to one empty space.  The tension is created with quaint music, low angle shots of characters, dynamic editing and the use of hend-held camera, as well as the low-key lighting inside the cramped space. The mystery is triggered by simple elements, like the presence of a painting only visible to Mike, that makes the two scientists wonder about the effects of this station on its visitors.

However, there are disadvantages to using limited resources for a science-fiction film. In the first part of the film the dialogue is over explanatory in order for us to understand the situation – the woman is continuing her father’s legacy by working on the code and she badly wants to succeed, the man is less worried about the project than he is about his family, being afraid he won’t get to see them again. Because the actors must present so much information, their performance is less convincing at the beginning. We feel that all this data is not necessary to make the story work, we get to find out enough about them when they meet Mike and anyway, the film focuses on the mood transmitted to the audience, while the plot remains enigmatic.

The background music is subtle but adds to the dramatic impact of the scenes. It underlines the plot twists and conveys the feelings of uncertainty experienced by the characters.

In conclusion, we consider that “Station Mythah” is a captivating short which demonstrates that genre cinema can be tackled with little resources if there is enough creativity invested.

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