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- Directed by Oliver Ryder -

This horror comedy film depicts the passing of a man through purgatory, imagined as a quiz TV show.

A feeble young man wakes up in the backstage of a TV show. Rushed to make his entrance, Charlie finds himself as one of the contestants of a TV quiz show called “See You in Hell”. After the first round, Charlie finds out he is dead and is currently competing for his salvation or damnation and that his 50 years old opponent, Linda, is doing much better. Charlie wins the second round through self-mutilation, but he still has to spin the wheel and be lucky enough to hit “ Salvation”. Intrigued by the little chances of winning, Charlie refuses to spin the wheel but is host forces him to. Using this as a trick, the participant sends the host to hell and takes his place in the show.

Set in a colorful flashy 70’s show stage, the horror show runs its sadistic trials to decide its contestant's afterlife destination. The cardboard props and the optimistic host contrast with the cruelty of the actions. The story unfolds in unexpected ways and ends with a surprising twist: Charlie, who seemed on the verge of a breakdown all the way, managed to turn the show upside down, sending to the pits of hell the manipulative show host and his better-prepared rival.

Beyond the entertaining elements, this purgatory-turned-TV-show is a metaphor for the ignorance prevailing in society when it comes to morality. The TV presenter confirms the deceitful answers of Linda as correct during the quiz tackling ethics and the conclusion is that the ends justify the means. People often choose the entertainment over the truth, which can lead in time to changes in the accepted conduct. So what if even after death we would be judged by the standards of our halfway integrity?

The short is divided into the on-screen scenes, delimited by an old-TV frame and the backstage moments happening during the commercial breaks. The visual style takes after the television book of rules, following the dominant figure of the host and the details of the dramatic moments.

The actors have on-screen chemistry and manage to deliver a wonderful performance.

In conclusion, “See You in Hell” is a captivating short film that gives audiences the opportunity of a good laugh, but which also tackles an intriguing theme with a lot of imagination.

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