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- Directed by Aaron Weinstein -

This comical short animation depicts the post-concert reception experiences of a young jazz musician.

After each event, the protagonist is approached by the same type of people, some wanting an autograph, others looking to share more or less friendly thoughts, but a dominating category consists of aged ladies that look for attention from the young musician under the pretext of introducing their nieces. If usually, he can politely skip the descriptions of nieces, one night he meets a more determined old lady, that isn’t shy about offering very personal details of her sibling’s skills in bed, which she considers to be her legacy. The jazz player imagines how a grandmother and a niece would share this intimate information during a casual dinner meeting.

The artist manages to captivate our attention with an amusing story, using simple sketches to illustrate the characters. The drawings are caricatural, with an accent on the flaws of the reception participants that come to share a thought with the jazz player.

The audience gets the essential information from the voice-over, which consists of a 1st person tale telling. The musician describes the usual personages that populate the receptions in order to reach to one particular event that left him surprised. He recounts the facts with humor and self-irony and from the way he pauses to his tone, he resembles the idiosyncratic Woody Allen. The low and calm sound of his voice suggests his timid persona, who prefers to observe rather than socialize. He is aware of his juvenile and geeky looks - at each reception somebody tells him he looks just like coming from Bar Mitzvah, e Jewish initiation process for 13-year-old kids. He is also aware of the randomness of his audience, that attends his concerts not so much because they appreciate the music, but more with the purpose of escaping boredom.

What keeps the viewer interested is not just the skillfully constructed voice-over, but the atmospheric audio elements, worked in detail to build the impression that you’re also present at the reception, hearing the murmur of the people, observing them pursuing the jazz player’s attention. The cheerful orchestral colors of the background music contrasting with the linear voice of the narrator add to the comical effect of the depiction.

Altogether, we consider this short film to be an ingenious cinematic work that manages to create a mood and tell a story with simple and effective techniques.

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