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- Directed by Brigitte Timmerman -

Marty Blocker is a successful farmer who mainly works with cows and horses, his eternal passion and, we may say, his whole life. He’s a working cowboy and poet who got established in the Sandhills of Nebraska after finishing college and getting a degree in Animal Science.

He has an unique way of storytelling and throughout this short documentary he guides the audience with his kind words, making you feel the same about his farm which he loves so much. He talks about the traditions of the cowboys and the culture that must be preserved and, as he says, what’s the purpose of growing horses, if you don’t get to ride them?

Marty is a real, authentic farmer who started from the bottom and he fears that soon enough people are not going to be interested in this area anymore and the youngest will forget how important the relationship of man-animal-nature is. With the help of his wife, he runs this farm since they married, but we also get to know that the most important thing in life are firstly God, and then, family.

Being raised in a small farm, helping his parents on the daily chores, he was taught what responsibility really is and he was so passionate about what he was doing, that sometimes he even forgot to eat or sleep while spending time around the farm and taking care of the horses. The lesson that this simple documentary wants to teach is to cherish what earth gives us, respecting the nature and the culture of the cowboys and never forget the traditions.

Brigitte Timmerman has done an amazing work in structuring this short film, which we really enjoyed watching. We definitely recommend it and we are glad to have it in our selection.

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