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- Directed by Jeff Zorrilla -

This experimental short-film is a (micro-)documentary which focuses on the daily activities of an American ex-patriate drug dealer. Exiled from the U.S. in Argentina, Ramiro Guerrero struggles to survive in the human jungle of Buenos Aires, dealing with the desires of his clients who are looking to satisfy their curiosity as travellers or their lust. Therefore, during the day Guerrero works as a city tour guide, but when the night comes he turns into a sexual tour guide. The duality of his job suggests, in fact, the duality of the human nature, the double life of a society which tries to face, on the one hand, the responsibility of the diurnal social constraints and, on the other hand, the nocturnal, hidden desires of his clients.

Based on a monologue scenario, the Ramiro Guerrero’s confession, Jeff Zorrilla’s short-film discusses the superficiality of the daily social appearances, briefly analysing through his character the violence of human needs in different textual approaches. Ramiro Guerrero alternates the ironical, bittersweet tonality with the dramatic perception on his existence, switching the language he speaks as his attitude changes; English marks Guerrero’s lucid and cynical exposure of his activity, but when his testimonial adopts Spanish he mourns his own decay, describing his obsessive suicidal thoughts.


Created as a succession of short (and sometimes fast-forwarded) frames depicting the job of this American ex-pat dealer, Jeff Zorrilla’s “San Guerrero” is an interesting project which describes in a minimal formula a nowadays life story. In fact, the main quality of this short-film resides in the director’s capacity to condense, in less than 4 minutes, the essence of an individual existence, questioning also the superficiality of the temporary human needs that hide one simple desire everyone wants to achieve: a moment of pure happiness.

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