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- Directed by Narichika Oto -

The story unfolds with a girl named Rococo who has a roommate that is an application developer. She wants to create an app that will search through one’s mind and create an alter ego, so Rococo is the first to use this unpolished version of the app. She has to stay for a whole week in a house with her alter ego. Soon, this idea seems to be an awful one, because Rococo’s alter ego comes from the worse of her mind: a vulgar male with greasy hair, unhealthy eating habits and who is the exactly opposite of her. He drives her mad while licking his fingers after eating a deliciously looking doughnut. She definitely can’t stand him, because he does not seem to resemble a bit to her. Moreover, her male subconscious tries to dictate her that: ‘If we do one thing, we can’t do others’, ‘It’s all about lost possibilities’.

This short film talks about all these alternative development paths which could have been, but never actually happened and comes with an interesting perspective we think no one has approached towards a what seems to be a harmful application. The idea of reaching different variables as determinants in a person’s evolution may have got a little too far and at some point, it feels like there is too much on screen. Juggling with montage and visual effects, this whole movie has the texture and the look of a smartphone application or a video game, and that’s one thing we can appreciate in this particular situation. The visual style doesn’t add much value to the film, because it looks cheap, even if there was a lot of work behind every object or background that was CGI animated. The story plays in a simple way, having predictable turning points, but the male is the one to have a complex character, being filled with supremacy, disgust, hate, curiosity and bad habits and he assures an interesting plot that keeps you entertained.

All in all, in the end we get to see that the girl seems to have got past her fears and embraced a new lifestyle, where she is willing to try new things and to form new habits. Even if the journey appeared to be dangerous and complex, the application seems to have had a good influence on her, as she developed a higher self-esteem. We believe this short film was an interesting project to watch.

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