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- Directed by Maxim Rozkov -

Maim Rozkov’s music video tells the story of a little girl whose purpose is to take a deeper outlook into the choice between danger and curiosity. Being all by herself in a camper van, she can’t do much about her situation, because she is still little and naive and her whole world is the indoor one. At some point, she may start being curios and slightly open the door to see what the outdoor world has to offer, but this means that she cannot return as the same person and this may be one thing that is frightening her.

The little girl eventually grows up and at some point she realizes that she has to leave her ’’nest’’ and go out in the world, being ready to face any obstacles that life has prepared for her, but this happens only when the trailer suddenly starts floating in the air and she decides that it’s time to take some attitude and jumps in the real world.

One of the details we appreciated the most was the creativity and the courage to experiment with diverse techniques. Starting from the close-up images shot from different angles and the beautiful underwater scenes, to the alternative editing that gives a dynamic and turmoil atmosphere, this film really stands out from the crowd and reveals some amazing skills that we often don’t see even at the more experienced filmmakers. Also, the soundtrack underlines perfectly every moment of the film, growing in intensity and evoking the feelings of loneliness, happy moments, curiosity and also fear of the unknown.

Another detail that got our attention was the amazing coloring that manages to express so much only in itself. Also, the numerous camera angles utilized seek to exploit the expressiveness of these non-verbal cues which are so well represented, combining technical proficiency with a wonderful artistic direction. The Director of Photography took some clean shots supported by soft lighting, looking to give perhaps a surrealistic feeling to the piece. The story is structured in a dramatic but joyful way, at the same time arousing curiosity and making you want to hope that the kid will eventually be alright and the world will be not too harsh with her.

In the end, this short films is an excellent illustration of a journey told in a very entertaining way. The final product is definitely a brilliant one and it speaks for itself.

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