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Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest


- Directed by Andrea Baglio -

Naturae follows to recreate a circle of life within the eyes and the journey of an adult man. He connects with nature in a mystical way that only can be understood and explained through a piece of filmmaking. 

Close up shots resembling the beauty of even the tiniest portions of nature (raindrops on a summer leaves) signify core cinematography ways to set a proper ambience. The DOP crafts a line of storytelling within this minimalistic technique of catching small bits of nature.

Everything goes into a psychological filter, giving it a second meaning while making the viewers appreciate and explore the power of natural beauty.

The first shot seems to be a bit long, although the reason behind is following the main character. The man is dressed as a groom in a black suit, wandering around within different landscapes. As the camera follows him, it's capturing some close up shots that resemble the ones we may find in a wedding movie. All those beautiful dreamy images blend well together with the look of the character.

The sound delivers memorable parts. At some point, accents glow through the beautiful sound design. The childbirth, the train arriving or the violin music that carries the fast pace editing part, all these elements are crafted in such a beautiful way within the film timeline. Although having an experimental structure build through editing, we think that sound design could have gone even more creative. The visual part supports most of the film, whereas the focus seems more blurry in the sound design department throughout the project. It doesn't stand as robust and flawless as the picture does to provide a significant contribution to the film, because the room for improvements still has plenty of space to be filled.

Moving back to the visuals, they are stunning, however, when it comes to colour grading, the saturation is too high on some parts, giving the film an unnatural look by making the colours too bright. But, besides that, within the editing pace, some colourful shots have been set in such a good light, giving the audience enough time to feel them, to absorb and admire the visual information and get mesmerized by it.

The decision of getting the nature bleed and making it seem upset is genuinely inventive, as it grants it with more personality, overpowering the human character. The man lying naked on the ground sets an unexpected ending. The way it ends provides more meaning and mystery to the story that could appear flat to understand at first glance. We may act against nature, but there will come a time when it will punch back. 

"Naturae" is a gently crafted short film, filled with hidden meanings that trigger our imagination to understand the subtle messages of this short story.

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