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- Directed by Eric Romero -

This mockumentary is a reportage about an imaginary phenomenon called “native immigration”.

The story takes the form of a news coverage TV show, with appropriate cheesy music and emotional voice-over. The TV presenter travels to meet cases of native immigrants ready to tell their story. The anchor is friendly, reserved and well-intentioned, impressed by every case, but also surprised at the absurd theories he has to put up with.

Also, we get an opinion from a New York University researcher and an interview with a racist militant that recently found out he isn’t Scottish. But one encounter is most surprising, the British immigration adviser talks about on the latest program for native immigrants: G.O.H.O.M.E. (Government Office Helping Organize Multicultural Ethnicity). Its main purpose is to help native citizens to differentiate immigrants and also immigrants to identify themselves. At the end, we meet an Indian that relocated because of the poverty and lack of resources,  but one detail strike the viewer: he seems to be Scottish.


In the context of social changes from the past years, immigration became a trending topic in the daily news and TV shows. As the politically correct media obsesses over integration, this film tackles the immigrants that merged so well with their adoptive culture that they forgot where they came from. On the other hand, the story suggests that that the globalization process that was started decades ago can’t be reversed now: people feel part of the new cultures and can’t identify with their initial ones. The film also ridicules the hidden racism and absurd campaigns of the official institutions, as well as it tackles the theme of losing identity in order to be accepted in a new culture.


The main source of humor comes from the exaggeration of practices and behaviors encountered in real life. The plot is clever and daring, the dialogues are sly and keep the audience interested. Also, the details are hilarious, the onscreen and background text is used to emphasize the absurdity of the portrayed situations.


All in all, “Native Immigration” is the work of an imaginative director that can masterfully manipulate the cinematic language in order to create enthralling stories and express his view of the world.

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