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- Directed by Derek Frey -

The story unfolds in a garage, where three clumsy guys try to start a car. Throughout their conversation, the viewers are slowly introduced into the main story which is filled with dark humor. They definitely want to end their life and it seems that the only solution is to inhale carbon monoxide from the car they are into. Soon, their plans are ruined by the engine that falls apart and now they have to find a quick fix. The mechanics are not available for the next three hours, so they have to see for themselves what teamwork really means.

First of all, we must say that it takes a great mind to transform this dramatic situation into a comedy sketch. Soon, the negative topic becomes a hilarious one and the actors do a fervently performance. They give the part much personality, having fragments of subtle humor here and there and you can’t help empathize with them. The cinematography is neat and focuses on the center of the image, having a slightly influence from Wes Anderson’s style. Also, the script is well developed and we appreciate that the story has an open ending. The dialogues are not over used, being simple, clever and effective.

All in all, this particular situation manages to bring these guys together, so at the end we get to see them wandering with joy. The final scene with the hose pipe that came from the car window offers a suggestion but it isn’t precise and leaves the audience wondering. If their life ends or not, this something the director chooses not to show explicitly.

This short visual comedy is a worthwhile watch and it’s been a while since we had such an entry in our festival. There is a measured proportion between 'sad' and 'glad' which makes this piece watchable and in the end, a hilarious one. We congratulate the directorial approach of not falling into a clicheistic approach and the extraordinary performance of the actors.

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