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- Directed by Lavinia Del Croce -

Once, there was no God, till 250 million years ago when one primitive human slightly smarter than the others thought it’s a good idea to blame God for all the bad things that were happening in this world. So there’s how God was born. Initially he was a young introvert guy with oily skin. You just have no idea how is to live with everybody blaming you for everything. We said his name with every occasion we had and we blamed him for the absurdity we caused, until he was convinced that he really was the cause of all this problems.

Filmed in a very funny way, God decides to take his daily revenge and makes two categories: illnesses (which are a lot and accompanied with an elevator music) and conflicts or wars, but moreover, he wants to teach everyone what free will is. The rhythmic background contributes to the atmosphere of each scene, enhancing the funny effect of each one, because the well chosen music is appropriate and relevant and helps connecting every fun moment with the second. One of the funniest moments occurs when an elderly man reaches for the God’s help, for its own sanity, but a voice from the background (God’s voice, of course) tells him the truth: ’’you’ve smoked 2 packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day, what did you expect? It’s not my problem anymore.’’

Whispering in everybody’s ears, since that day, God decided to make everybody’s choices harder to make or, how he likes to call it ’’my Netflix without subscription’’, but, instead, it’s called ’’Godflix’’, just another well placed pun. He divides all the whispers in movie genres: documentaries, thrillers, comedies, dramas. He whispers thoughts in people’s minds right before they fall asleep because, don’t we all have this thoughts right when we fall asleep? How clever was this thought.

The astonishing plot contains several cleverly woven together and the script is just perfect, with well written dialogues. Furthermore, full of humorous moments, it gives the actors the opportunity to give their characters much personality and enough screen time for the situation’s amusement. The acting is absolutely remarkable, each actor being very appealing and convincing - and we believe that is why they already got a prize for best acting.

A wall sticker can resume the whole story of this short film: ’’Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes the reason is that you are stupid and you make bad decisions’’. We had a fun time watching this short film and we would like to see more projects like this one, having such an original and amusing idea. A real audience pleaser.

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