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- Directed by Anaëlle Morf -

“Honeymoon” is a short love story depicting a mature couple in search of youthful adventure.

A posh middle-aged woman is surprised with a drink by the bartender; a man sitting somewhere behind ordered it for her. They approach each other in the vivid atmosphere of a dance club and leave the place together. As they were building a moment of intimacy, a little boy enters the room, calling his mother. Surprised, the woman doesn’t know how to react, but the man starts chasing the boy and we find out that actually, he is the dad. The woman sighs as she watches them having fun.

"Honeymoon" is a film that lasts three minutes and a half but manages to complexly illustrate the relationship of a married couple. Looking to spice up things, the two act as strangers that have just met, fooling around in a club and continue to skillfully play their roles until their son brings them back to their domestic reality. The mother is a little disappointed as they’ve done so much build-up just to be interrupted. The story is funny and authentic and shows a couple’s struggle to revive their passion.

The plot is simple and has a major twist just at the end, but the expression of defeat on the women’s face leaves the viewer with a strong impression. The actors have great chemistry and gave a heartfelt and genuine performance.

The director developed the situation masterfully, the hand-held camera keeps close to the characters, giving the audience the feeling of being a witness. We approach the two to see their expressions, the way they move or touch each other. Every shot moves the story further, there is no wasted cinematic time here, however, the visuals transmit a pleasant atmosphere due to the diversified color palette: the vibrant lights of the club and the warm colors of the apartment. We appreciate the portrayal of a couple in a non-melodramatic situation, but also the stylistic choices that led to the final form of the film.

To sum up, we think “Honeymoon” is a touching and amusing love story movie that demonstrates the skills of a talented emerging director.

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