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- Directed by Rodrigo Lopresti -

"Heart Brakers" is the pilot episode of a series which purpose is to take a deeper outlook into the dreadful relationship of a struggling couple. As every relationship at a starting point, everything is perfectly fine and nothing in this world seems to stay in front of the couple’s happiness. Until one day when their relationship reaches a turning point and he starts to be so captivated about a guitar pick he received from a recent concert, that he forgets about every important detail from his life. From that very moment, he can’t focus anymore at night on his girlfriend, he’s not as efficient at job as before and he even forgets about his relationship anniversary, leaving his girlfriend waiting for him at the restaurant.

Later that night, she waits for him at home, alone, in the dark, being mad as hell when he finally enters in the apartment, finding out that he was playing at the guitar on the streets for the whole night. She can’t resist anymore and makes him chose, giving him an ultimatum: whether her or "the piece of plastic".

Rodrigo Lopresti manages to tell a powerful story, starting from an apparently simple premise. The immaturity of one of the partners almost made the relationship of this two to fall apart, when it didn’t even began. Even though it sounds harsh, the score and the background come in handy and transform this plot into a romantic-decadent manner, every frame having that little spark of hope that their relationship can still be saved. Also, the transitions between some of the scenes may seem a little bit brutal for some viewers and here is why when you deal with delicate subjects like love, the transition and the narrative should be more mellow. The performance of the actors it’s a little bit exaggerated and not that convincing in some scenes, but all in all it succeeds in maintaining a linear narrative and creating a melodramatic atmosphere where the viewers can empathise with the character’s situation.

In short, "Heart Brakers" is one of the films which impose a lot of emotions after its end, mainly because it talks in a very comprehensible manner about a situation which we may interfere in the future or in which we’ve already been, as the problems that may appear in a relationship make an universal subject which we all can relate.

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