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Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest


- Directed by DANIEL TUPINAMBÁ -

Estro is a one of a kind film that speaks about the creative process of a writer who, like many creators and artists, eventually falls for the main character of his book.

Daniel Tupinambá is an extremely promising director, who proves through this piece of cinematography that he is a talented and gifted filmmaker that we definitely need to follow from now on. He has the necessary intelligence, sensitivity and talent to be a mature and assumed director. It's clear that every aspect of this short film has been carefully thought out and nothing has been put or used in this film just because it looks good or it has an artistic value. Everything has a meaning and purpose behind it, even when it comes to technical aspects.

The cinematography is one of the most powerful aspects of this short film, along with the editing that reaches to be so on point that it feels like the cuts are invisible. Each transition and cut are unblemished and make the experience of watching this short film feel so flowy. The angles used and the diagonals made give the viewer the sensation of being uneasy and tensed that we get the idea that anything can happen from second to second.

Also, it's nice how it plays with both black and white and color images. It makes a difference in terms of emotion and atmosphere and definitely underlines the perfect mood for each character and situation.

The actors were a splendid choice, both from a physical and talented point of view. They understood the script and their character (and that's also the director's merit) and delivered their best performance, making the viewer even empathize with their situation and personalities.

The sound design is on point and we can feel how the sound engineer had fun while playing with the ambiances, the perspective, the volume. Each time when a character enters a new location we can feel that. Usually in short films people don't tend to put that much effort into really making the sound feel like it's from the set and suitable with the image and that's one more element that brings a big plus to this project.

Moreover, the music blends perfectly with each situation empathically enhancing the moments of tension and climax of the protagonists. By manipulating the music this way and by using subtle notes proves the good intuition of the sound designer or music composer along with the artistic choices of the director. It can be quite hard sometimes to find the perfect match for your film without feeling like it was an overused beat or a remix of some popular song, and it's quite an art to make the best musical choices.

Estro is a well-balanced film that wanted to reach a lot of goals with this project and really managed to do so in the end. It was a pleasant watch and we're eager to see more projects like this one.

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