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- Directed by Monika Olszewska & Patrycja Kuracińska -

Monika Olszewska and Patrycja Kuracińska’s music video is by far one of the most delightful we have had in our selection. Full of people and vegetation, each scene is a delight as the eye of the contemporary viewer is extremely sharp, quick and avid of newness. Thanks to the editor, the pace of the film is in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the music and even without lyrics, the eye catching visuals manage to offer a mesmerize experience for the audience. The velocity of the music adds a lot to the serene atmosphere, concealing the character’s mood.

The director’s storytelling style introduces us in a certain state of mind that is a little trippy but, at the same time, relaxed and careless. Each character is surprised in all kind of spaces and has a different look, height, age and so on, but everyone is casual and kind of absent-minded, due to the predominant style of the two female directors.

Shot in a very artsy and hipster like style, this music video resemblance the famous 'Nowness' short films style, very organized and with a well defined manner of filmmaking. The quality of the images is quite nice and it has an interesting texture which makes this piece fascinating to watch.

The Director of Photography took clean long shots supported by soft lighting looking to create perhaps a surrealist feel to the piece and we really appreciate the many filmmaking techniques used, especially the angles from which the DOP chose to shot each scene. The picture composition, the visual effects and all the other details from this short film beautifully blend in an introspective atmosphere.

This music video was a well worth seeing one. We encourage the two directors' style and hope to see future projects shot in the same manner.

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