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- Directed by Michael Boston -

Michael Boston’s short film reveals the drama of a middle-aged man called Abner, who hopes to make a living from acting. He lives with two male friends that are both actors, but he seems to be very introvert and not that communicative with these two. Maybe he hadn't got a big role in a while, but that’s how life works, you don’t always get the leading role. All this changes one day when Abner is offered a role in a movie, where he should play a female part. He immediately starts acting like one and walks around the city dressed just like a female, with his long blonde hair blowing in the wind, but little did he know about what his behavior could lead to.

Abner took his role to the next level, without thinking at the possible consequences of his actions and when he realized what he got into, it was already too late. The story is very powerful, capturing a real and dramatic image of how harsh and dangerous life can be from time to time. Life has its challenging periods and we have to know how to fight to get over them and maintain our physical and mental health. We should learn that sometimes things can get a little tough, but there is always hope.

The music enhances the dramatic atmosphere of each scene and underlines the character’s mood, being well chosen and adequate for the pace of the film. Each has done a great job, being credible and stereotypical, assuming in a very creative way their characters, and we highly appreciate this aspect of the movie. Also, the Director of Photography has done a very good job in guiding the best point of view for the storyline, reaching to maintain the dramatic and tense atmosphere till the end.​

In our view, the director was very brave to play the main character and direct at the same time. His role was quite requesting and he managed to perform it intriguingly pleasant. His transition from director to actor that plays different sex roles can be seen as a phase that everyone experience at some point in their life, when thing get boring or cheerless and we need a little spice, a slight change in our daily routine. We definitely recommend this short drama to the moviegoers that seek, for a tense and twisted story.

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