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- Directed by Charine P. Gonzales -

Charine Gonzales’s 'Daylight' music video from the album 'Sháńdíín' by DJ Béeso (Kino Benally) of Shiprock (Diné) is a very interesting piece of filmmaking with many levels of understanding. What makes this music video stand apart from the others is that you can watch it over and over again and every single time something different will catch your attention, thanks to the various artworks and textures that were used in the short.

First of all, the editor has done a great job, as the pace of the film is in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the music. Even without lyrics, the eye catching visuals manage to tell a lot about the balance between the Modern Indian Art World that is full of paintings and graffiti and the Traditional Pueblo People. Having a breakdancer as the protagonist and the center of attention for this music video was a very interesting choice. Beside having only different kaleidoscopic visuals in the background, the director aims to achieve a certain effect through this dancer’s movement to keep the viewers mesmerized till the end and provides an extra feeling of tension.

The director’s storytelling style introduces us in something that looks like a journey. The dancer is initially on the ground, the music starts slowly, and after an artwork with a child and a dandelion that appears in the background, he gets up and starts ’’living’’ his life. We love how this film has a circular structure, beginning with a dandelion and ending with the same flower, which is such an ephemeral symbol.

Nevertheless, the variation of real footage with different landscapes, artworks and other natural details from the rhythmic background contributes to the entertaining atmosphere. All in all, we also appreciate the length of this short film that is just perfect and we think this music video is well worth seeing.

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