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- Directed by Charine P. Gonzales -

’Daylight’ is an unusual music video with a lot of details to pay attention to. From the beginning, you can’t say for sure that you recognize a certain style and that it’s definitely something unordinary, some other way of narrating a music video. This first glance is what made us become more interested to see what comes next.

The choice of matching different landscapes of real footage was a great idea, resulting in a kaleidoscopic effect. However, from a certain moment onwards, we have to acknowledge that the style itself became a bit too much. Even if the dancer kept moving through the entire film, it slowly became redundant and not easy to pay attention to anymore. At start the video is catchy and it draws your attention, but as the video unfolds, from our perspective, it should at least change its style or come with something new.

When it comes to sound and editing, they were just on point and the image was always on perfect sync with the rhythm of the music. Moreover, the short film is very colorful and that makes it a joyful one, along with the well selected music that doesn’t changes its mood along the way and always gives you a happy and peaceful mood. Its main goal is that it offers you 3 minutes of relaxing imagery, with a calm soundtrack, more like a ’zen’ music video.

Even if, from what we are aware, the director’s main goal was to obtain a balance between the Modern Indian Art World/Contemporary Society and the Traditional Pueblo People, this is not straight from the beginning. Through the entire movie we don’t get to see well defined images or symbols that can give us some information about the subject and it’s a little precarious if this was the main subject. It is hard to understand especially for the people who are not familiarized with the subject, tradition, the way of living of this people or the music itself.

All in all, we are glad that we got to see this artistic approach toward a subject and, despite our subjective perspective and taste, we appreciate the effort that was put in making this playful music video.

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