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- Directed by Lance Larson -

A thrilling enjoyable perspective on the mental world representation which defines our existence, Lance Larson discusses the superfluousness of the fake image over the reality that shapes each person’s identity. Designed as a macabre therapy session conducted by a modern psychopathic guru, this short-film is a metaphor of the restrictive human condition facing its most extreme fears. Just like Picasso’s manner to represent through art the perception of a dysfunctional world, the victim of this short-film (which embodies for 5 minutes every single viewer, due to the director’s choice to shoot the scenes using the 1st person) must overpass his delusory cognition, for the reason that he accedes a superior mental level.

Despites the lack of a narrative plot, “Cuckold Picasso” is a daring philosophical monologue discussing the redemption through violence, the superior understanding of life through a Purgatory painful experience. In fact, the physical pain described by Lance Larson is just a visual representation of the emotional disorders in this dark-poetical, cynical and yet motivational speech. The director transcends the metaphorical manner to depict the suffering of mental and spiritual elevation (the awakening of the third eye) in a more figurative, carnal way, suggesting also an ironical point of view to understand the spiritual literature. The last scene resembles to Darren Aronofsky’s one from “Pi”, where the main character also makes a hole is his had using a drill, in order to suggest the violent portrayal of changing the perspective on the world. Besides, the monologue written by James R. Adams II and performed on a grave hissing tonality increases spectator’s tension, while the bizarre look of Picasso’s “1971 Harlequin Head” covers the victim’s sight in strange hallucinatory erotic contrasts. Beyond all these elements, the contrasting musical choice of Strauss’ “The Blue Danube Waltz” turns Lance Larson’s short-film into a shivering and original cinematic experience.

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