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- Directed by Richie Moore -

Richie Moore’s short film is the thought-provoking story of a young woman, Emily Davidson, who is passionate about political journalism. She is now looking for an adventure, a spectacular subject that can make a splash and launch her career, so she decides to make a film documentary about her investigation, hoping to eventually get a job in a news channel.

Armed only with a video camera, she somehow manages to arrive in Bangkok, the bottom of the darkest side of Asia, where illicit business is running and drugs are the most powerful vice. Emily disagrees with the rich getting richer over the poor working class which is more vulnerable and all that she wants is to inherit the evolution of illegalities. She thinks the world needs more real news about what is going on around in the nowadays society and how humanity has come to a depraved state.

Fervently performed by Libby Jennings, Emily’s character has a powerful personality and is ready to go in the darkest corners of the city to find an outstanding subject. The plot is thrilling and arouse curiosity when Emily meets a young guy who is willing to show her the other side of the Thai society of drugs and prostitution and soon she discovers the most coveted drug, YaBa, translated as Crazy Medicine. Each of the actors gives a brilliant performance, mastering the typologies of their characters. The director reached to developed the situation masterfully while the camera keeps close to the characters, giving the audience the feeling of being a witness.

The last scene where she gets caught at the airport and the water eventually turns red is extremely dramatic and conveys an unexpected plot twist because, isn’t it so, it’s not easy to make such an investigation all by yourself and to get involved that deep in a journey like this without becoming part of it.

We think that this short film has a challenging story that has demonstrate the skills of a talented emerging director. This cinematic piece has a good story and a well-developed visual identity so, in other words, we wish the team good luck in turning this short into a feature!

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