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- Directed by Leo Chiu -

Can there be redemption without sacrifice? Will you put your life in danger to keep a potentially devastating secret, that is capable of changing the course of  human civilization? Confessional is without a doubt the kind of project that splits the critics and the audience: either you love it or you hate it.


The plot is sparked off by a puzzling monologue of a young girl, seated on the bench of a church. She claims to be ready to sacrifice her own life to keep a mysterious and secret list safe. A quite common introduction that does its job. We are immersed straight away in an intricate sequence of events from which it is hard  to deduce the meaning.


A triangle between a Priest, a photographer witness of a murder, and a young girl. Who keeps the list? Who is lying about his sins? And above all: in what way can the list affect mankind? Deep questions, with not too many answers. Unfortunately, the confusing editing doesn’t allow the viewer to be aware of the diegetic structure of the short. The plot is really tricky to follow. We often feel lost and at the mercy of the director’s will.


The omnipresent soundtrack emphasizes and enhances the sense of bewilderment. Nevertheless, there’s a grim pleasure in watching the short until the end. Obviously, it’s an open ending, and frankly we can’t know whether or not it’s a style choice, or a lack in the script. The photography is generally very simple and plain, except for a couple of shots, in which a very soft illumination fills the frame with a pleasant thin layer of light. The movements of the camera gave it all their best with the tracking shots.


Overall, Confessional is a surreal thriller that has the undeniable credit of raising in the viewer some questions about human moral dilemmas.

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