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Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest


- Directed by Cyro Rossi -

 "Buscjie" brings up a sensitive issue that will give you shivers when watching it.

It draws inspiration from classics like "Last Year At Marienbad" (1961, d. Alain Resnais) with beautiful, dazing black and white image and elegant characters or even from recent movies like "La Grande Bellezza" (2013, d. Paolo Sorrentino) with the actress impersonating Gioia (Alessia Alciati) that has something of Sabrina Ferilli's sparkle. This short film has an appealing look and a hard to approach subject on a visual level.


From the very beginning, we have to say that this short film wouldn't be the same if it were spoken in some other language rather than Italian. Again, it has firm connections with Sorrentino's works, highly reflecting the world of filmmaking and the struggles of young actresses to compete in such an industry. A world of fame, beauty and opulence which hides many lies in its closet, just as the film title suggests.


Moreover, the casting department was truly inspired. Actors have a marvelous connection with each other, making each scene believable and authentic. The main actress did a fantastic job and worked consciously towards embracing her character's emotions entirely.


Using black and white cinematography at the very beginning appears to be an homage to Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita." The only dilemma here seems to be with the exposure tones and the balance that slightly leaves the impression that the material wasn't intended to be shot that way, and the plan might have been a post-production solution.


Even if "Buscjie" is hard to watch sometimes due to its emotional theme, it's actually enjoyable from a technical point of view. The light setting is on point, always underlying the main character's state of mind. Also, the DoP approached some intriguing angles which amplify the tension and the distressing atmosphere, even if sometimes through the process of editing, several cuts were too abrupt. 


Furthermore, the water scene also resembles a lot with the disposition of those from "Neon Demon" (2016, Nicolas Winding Refn), making everything so elegant and sophisticated. 


Leaving the impression of drawing inspiration from other movies is not at all a bad feature. Yet, the film can be considered to be a researched one, having a director who knows where to find the most fitting inspiration for his idea and style concept. There is no such thing as a 100% original work of art. Everything has already been done and is in a continuous transformation and reinvention process. The key is to know how to collect essential information and be inspired by valuable works for your approach and then know what to do with what you've learned. And in this case, we can state that the filmmakers followed a good path in achieving precisely the message they wanted to communicate through the work of every department of this short film. 

We wish to congratulate the team for all the hard work, especially for the fact that this particular piece aimed to convey a lot of emotion through its development.

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