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- Directed by Christopher Sferrazza -

Sophie is an elder woman living in a small town on the eastern coast of Australia. She is quite a lonely person, her only friends being her work colleague, Bea, from the local butcher, and her grandson, Liam, who is a single paramedic, and who occasionally likes to spend time with her. It all started when she and her daughter were involved in a car accident, which was fatal for her daughter and leaved her with some problem that looks like a mental illness.

Just when things are getting to look a little better for Sophie, something dark and inconceivable troubles her mind and forces her to make an impossible decision in the name of love, as she’s saying: ’’Love makes fouls of us and one night it asks for more: do a horrible thing for me, do it for love’’.

Amongst the themes the film carefully treats, the triumphant one is the powerful psychological core driving the story. The director did a tremendous job in giving life to the powerful emotions of the central character. Her figure is contoured also through gestures and expressions. However, it is worth mentioning that the complexity of a role resides also in the interaction with other characters, even if when it comes to dialogue or the diversity and intensity of the feelings experienced.

The cinematography set tends to impress, from camera movement to the Director of Photography’s light choice and colorization. The great attention to details and the variety of filming techniques are key elements in developing the story. We were also impressed by the mixture between light and shadow. Warm tones fusion with dark angles, creating a mysterious, overwhelming feeling.

Christopher Sferrazza’s project is a thoughtful, well-constructed and intelligent film that manages to keep a constant tension giving you the thrills while watching it and leaving the audience with raised questions up for interpretation in the end.

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