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- Directed by Emilios Avraam -

Emilios Avraam’s short film tells the story of a young man who works as a library cataloger. The story unfolds in a tremendous library during night time, when he suddenly finds something odd in one of the books. The character becomes paranoid and aroused as he feels that is being followed by someone. Maybe he has the right to feel that way, but, at the same time, he can also suffer from a mental situation.

The opening sequence captures a dusty atmosphere with a low-key lighting making the scene seem full of mysteries and pressure. Moreover, it portrays the main character, showing us that he is shy, lonely and curious. He doesn’t have the nerve to say straight away what he wants from the other characters, so he falls under their authority. He is not that sociable and prefers the company of a good book. The main actor does an exceptional performance. During his journey around bad habits, he is confronted with a lot of temptations and unusual situations for his introvert personality. He is very convincing and appealing, especially because of his detective outfit, which makes him a little childish. While his state of mind is getting worse and he creates an alter ego, a two-dimension personality, which is the exact opposite of him and helps him feeds his bad uncontrollable habits. He wants so badly to control his double persona, but it seems that it’s not so easy as he read in ’’Killing Bad Habits’’ and he finally embraces his dark side.

The soft and poor lighting from every scene enhances the secretive and somber atmosphere and the outside weather is sometimes like his inner self: sad, lonely and rainy. Usually, the light falls exactly on the characters who are speaking in every scene and this, we think, is a nice filmmaking touch. The music underlines the character’s emotions, being scary and silly at the same time. The soundtrack certainly builds tension and supports the plot. The director aims to achieve a certain effect while telling the story which is full of tension and gradually arouses curiosity, having a fragmented narrative. The pace of film is accelerated by the editing straight on point. Having a dramatic story, the film uses a lot of perspectives and rises above expectations. The many different shots of the camera make the audience experience the emotional perspective of the main character and sometimes uses close-ups to focus the attention on the important elements from the story.

Highly acclaimed, this short film is about a man with no boundaries and self destructive habits. It is a skillful piece of filmmaking and an audience pleaser, so we definitely recommend this short film to a wide public.

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