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- Directed by Alessandro Cassa -

In a rainy London, a man meets a woman who tells him a fascinating and intriguing story about druids and alchemists. Her story triggers a flow of thoughts and reflexions about the real meaning of life.


We felt very inspired by this beautifully constructed film. The nature emerges into the busy urban life, creating an oasis of calm and mystery. However, we were disappointed with the way the monologue developed; we expected it to intensify the emotions and the reflexions generated by the visuals, but it was far from being up to that level.


Diverse, detailed images, complemented by discrete lightening chain naturally, which is remarkable for a film created through the contribution of such an important number of artists from all over the world. The viewer lives the experience through noir lens, leaving more space to reflexions- a colourful image would have been too loaded for a film composed of such disparate settings.


The settings are accompanied by an original score, which, in spite of not being quite innovative, it manages to induce an unique state of mind and put together the pieces of a very complex puzzle. We were impressed by the attention to details in this area. In terms of sound, the monologue is very powerful, as the voice is warm ,clear and balanced with the soundtrack and the sounds of the nature.


As already mentioned, the story of the druids and alchemists is only symbolic, as a screen for reflexions about the meaning of life. A rather strange connexion between the two of them, we might say, but very interesting and original in the same time. The unexpected presence of this story into the man’s routine challenges him to escape it and think about life in a different perspective. However, we would have appreciated if more time had been reserved to the final reflexions, that were rather shallow and common. The phrase that resumes them, „The reality is what we see? (...) Or is it rather what we feel?” also depicts the style of the entire monologue: simple and based on philosophical ideas that were explored many times before.


The things that strike one the most about Acarus Dumdell Reality or Fiction are the impressive number of artists involved in its composition and how unitary the result looks. There are many elements that make it a film worth watching: every image is charged with meaningful symbols, that go beyond the barriers of time and space. Although we feel that the theme would have deserved a deeper approach in the speech, overall the film creates an unique experience, composed of diverse feelings and sensations by introducing an timeless story in an ordinary setting.


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