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Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest


'A way for Tomás'
- Directed by Andrés Ricaurte & Martín Agudelo Ramírez -
A way for Tomás.jpg

Despite a sensitive manner of approaching family, death, and afterlife themes, the plot is quite tangled but complex. We can't appreciate if it was thought like this from the script or if it was a post production decision, but we believe this is the best form it could have had. Slowly but surely, the information needed is discovered and the audience is kept curious and alert to connect the dots from sequence to sequence.

The various characters are welcomed to the plot, and the director did a great job in guiding their personalities, being well integrated into Tomas's story. Moreover, we applaud the attention to detail that the art department paid for costumes and scenography. It's quite rare for short independent productions to pay attention to details like these, and it certainly adds value to this cinematographically piece. Needless to say, the child actor does an excellent job being presentandbeinghonestinhisactingskills.It'snotaneasyjob to work with children and is twice as rewarding when the outcome is a praisable one.


The director of photography did a tremendous job, using various angles while playing with the light. These lovely images make us wonder how they were made, as they are particularly beautiful and mesmerizing! The love scene was an effective one, capturing warm details from an intimate perspective while being imagistically directed by editing that packs the whole product in a whelming heart package. Moreover, it resemblesGaloOlivares'scinematographyfromlastyear's Gretel & Hansel (d. Oz Perkins) that gives you chills, making the audience aware of the surroundings and some slight horror creeps.


Furthermore, the color grade was impeccable. The parallel with the warm versus cold light and the colors used impacted the sequence's comprehension.


Sound design is an element that cannot go unnoticed because it offers an essential layer of emotion to the overall atmosphere that, along with the music, is precisely what these beautiful images needed.


It gives you creepy chills, but at the same time makes the whole eerie atmosphere more exciting and alluring.


We appreciate the editing, as this project wasn't a usual one,

and it was a challenge in the postproduction to give it this one of a kind structure. Being unchronological gave the final product an aura of mystery and sobriety.


In conclusion, this project was an outstanding one that captured our attention and played with our understanding while trying to assimilate the plot's complexity. The final quote was the right choice, and we can say it sums up perfectly the feeling of watching this short piece of filmmaking. We encourage the crew to continue working on this formula because, as seen in this short film, their work is a palpable one and a praisable one. This cinematography piece manages to impress with its visual suggestiveness, touching our sensible chord, while attesting the creativity of its creators and the level of maturity the emerging directors have. Their potential is quite remarkable and succeeds in capturing the audience's attention.

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