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May 2020


Me Too Nice (d. Jamie Anderson) - Dark Comedy, USA, 2019

My Dad Marie (d. Maj Jukic) - Drama, United Kingdom, 2020

Silence! (d. Stephan Bookas) - Comedy, United Kingdom, 2020

Talking to Control (d. Lino Palena) - Drama, Italy, 2018

1 You 2 Me (d. Lunkai Wu) - Student Film, China, 2020

cabin fever (d. Jonathan Tilley) - Music Video, Germany, 2020

A New Start (d. Alex Toh Hong Tah) - Drama, Singapore, 2020

I See You (d. Josiah Williams) - Student Film, United Kingdom, 2020

All through the night (d. Kiril Todorov) - Thriller/Drama, Czech Republic, 2020

The Knowledge (d. Alexander Osman) - Horror, United Kingdom, 2019

Kept (d. Monica Zinn) - Drama, United States, 2019

PLANT (d. Carlos Milite) - Sci-Fi, Italy, 2020

STRINGBEAN (d. Michael Dillon) - Documentary, United States, 2019

The Front Lines (d. Michael Dillon) - Documentary, United States, 2019

A Noble Truth (d. Tia Salisbury) - Sci-Fi, United Kingdom, 2019

#LIKE4LIKE (d. Serhiy Mysak) - Student Film, Ukraine, 2020

In the Wardrobe (d. Martin Müller) - Comedy, Czech Republic, 2019

Wanna Be Basquiat (d. João Pombeiro) - Experimental, Portugal, 2019

Kite (d. João Pombeiro) - Experimental, Portugal, 2017

EVERYDAY (d. Nikita Gorelkin) - Documentary, Russian Federation, 2020

In Sickness & In Health (d. Chris Oz McIntosh) - Drama, United States, 2019

There is tea, if you drink (d. Cihan Emre Zengin) - Documentary, Turkey, 2020

Amazonia (d. Dominic Hicks) - Drama, United Kingdom, 2019



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