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April 2020


Taxi (d. Sam O'Mahony) - Music Video, Ireland, 2019

Aspects of Awakening (d. Daisy Dickinson) - Experimental, United Kingdom, 2020

Lies, Oblivion, Veracity, Evocation (d. Zhe Zhang) - Student Film, United States, 2019

The Prisoner (d. Harvey Eaton) - Thriller, United Kingdom, 2019

The Cool Greenhouse - The Sticks (d. Simon Nunn) - Music Video, United Kingdom, 2020

Black Heart, Red Hands  (d. Russell Southam) - Thriller, Australia, 2019

The Choice (d. Abdelmoula El Hadi) - Drama, Portugal, 2020

Bite Club (d. Kim Huynh) - Horror, Australia, 2019

Since Yesterday (d. Alexander Bradley) - Experimental, United Kingdom, 2019

It's just a boy (d. Jane Webb) - Drama, United Kingdom, 2020

The Art Within The Conflict. (d. Freddie Logan) - Documentary/Student Film, United Kingdom, 2019

Good catch (d. Jan Chramosta) - Drama, Czech Republic, 2019

I'm here (d. Kateryna Tiurina) - Music Video, Ukraine, 2020

Sixth Grade (d. Yuzhuo Wang) - Drama/Student Film, China, 2020



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