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- Directed by Kate Cheeseman -

One of the last letters from Dylan Thomas to his wife Caitlin starts like this: “O Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin my love my love, where are you & where am I and why haven't you written and I love you every second of every hour of every day & night. I love you, Caitlin. In all the hotel bedrooms I've been in in this two weeks, I've waited for you all the time. She can't be long now, I say to my damp miserable self, any minute now she'll be coming into the room: the most beautiful woman on the earth, and she is mine, & I am hers, until the end of the earth and long long after.” Everything written here is pure emotion and passion. Even though he died at a young age, Thomas knew how to deal with important matters like poetry, love or alcohol.

In Love Somehow, Kate Cheeseman depicts the story of Caitlin Thomas, a former dancer, writer, and eventually, the woman behind the famous poet Dylan Thomas. As it is presented in this short, they were very much alike, and their bond was stronger than any. She partied as hard as he did, she was his adviser and his real love. Even though Dylan Thomas died in 1953, she kept his memory alive in the upcoming years till her death in 1994.

This short is quite amazing for some reasons. First of all, the monologue Caitlin has is very powerful and exquisite. Everything she says seems to be part of a poem she never wrote. The cinematography is highly exquisite, being one of the best we’ve seen in our festival so far. The score, the edit, everything is quite neat.

At some point in the movie, the voice of Dylan comes to comfort the widow. That kind of insertion is magnificent, knowing their history. They were quite an unusual couple, and it is not very hard to notice that, even in this short. Biographical movies aren’t all the time appealing to the public, but this one in particular we strongly believe it will be a great success.

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