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- Directed by Tia Salisbury -

'Allhallowtide' is a 9'15'' film which enchants and uplifts with its sense of humour, delightful characters and engaging story. 


It starts off as a spooky horror film. The beginning makes use of a few elements we all recognize from other horror movies: the running shadow, the sight of blood, the mirror in which we expect to see a reflection of the ghost, the recogniscible sound effects. They are so smartly done that we easily fall in that trap. The breathing space back into the everyday routine of the protagonist is again very well calculated. So much so, when the ghost appears from behind the fridge door, we are startled. But we are gently informed through the clear naturalistic acting work behind the lead character that Molly is a special type of ghost. The comic spin surprises and brings a much appreciated comic relief when Dan Wilson, the lead character played by the talented actor Ewan Black, treats Molly Gadburt, the 'ghost' played by the endearing Bella Salisbury, as a naughty child and no more. The comedy is ignited by the interaction between the two which is believable and engaging to watch.


We recommend this supernatural comedy to all Halloween lovers but not only. There are delightful human touches in the film that give it a romantic flavour besides the comedic overtones. 


Great CGI effects by Andy Power, music that enhances and complements the story by Ben Salisbury and crafty cinematography by Kimberley Senior and Sam Davis. The camerawork is equally accomplished. The still camera shots are intelligently and measuredly mixed with hand held camera takes, all the work of Dave Mackie and editor and colourist Erline O'Donovan. 


The great team work involved in this project makes the movie flow and invests the story with the power of transporting the viewer into the imaginary place writer and director Tia Salisbury envisaged. 


The funny moments in this short film are contrasting with the horror flavoured parts but what is truly exceptional is how our belief is never quite suspended. We get to empathize with the 'ghost' which very rarely - if ever- happens in a horror film. 


This supernatural comedy breaks the conventional horror treatment of the subject of daunting ghosts and brings a fresh fantastically human take on it. Dan scolds and directs Molly with very clear instructions: 'Get in your trunk!' And when she disobeys him he knows the right warning to use: 'I'll walk through you!' Thus, the human becomes stronger than the ghost as the element of fear lacks completely. There is a familiarity between the two of them and a total acceptance on Dan's side. We believe that all these nuances are very clear due to the good directions the actors were given. 


We are grateful for such fresh vivid journeys as they encourage our imagination to explore new places and stretch conventional genres into new ones constantly making room for other surprises. 


We hope to see more of Tia Salisbury's films or even perhaps a feature film in the same style, that of a supernatural comedy. 

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